Creating the psychopath experience: TEDTalks from Julian Treasure and Evan Grant

Soundscape/sound health Tedtalks: 5 ways to listen better, 4 ways sound affects us, Sound health in 8 steps, and Making sound visible through cymatics

TED Blog

Jon Ronson got by with a little help from two friends at TED2012 as he told the story of Tony, a man who faked insanity when facing jail time after a fight — but did it far too well, ending up in a psychiatric hospital for 14 years under the label of “a psychopath.” Standing onstage with Jon, Evan Grant created a wall of animation to illustrate the cautionary tale about the dangers of labeling. Meanwhile Julian Treasure appeared on stage too, crafting a live soundscape for the story, giving it a creepy, told-around-the-campfire feel.

Jon gives the highest marks to both his collaborators.

“Julian does audio in a really empathetic, understated way,” Jon tells the TED Blog. “He’d get so annoyed if we were walking through a building together and the ambient noise was disturbing — but not disturbing in a way that would disturb people who aren’t…

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