Simple sound tips for your home piano studio – part 2

If you are in a tiny and bare room without much furniture and lots of hard reflective surfaces like concrete, drywall, glass, and tiles, it’s hard for your piano to “sing.”

In these cases, to give your piano a rich sound, we can do several things.  First, we need to prevent excessive high frequency reverberation in the room.  This means to take out too much “glassy, sharp, edgy high-pitched sounds” to “warm up” the tone or colour of the piano’s voice.

We can try to trick the room to help us do this by using or adding:

  • ceiling treatment: options include thick cork boards, egg cartons, heavy thick fabric, and/or acoustic foam.  Treat the top 1/4 to 1/3 of your wall (closest to or along the edge of the ceiling) too for best outcome
  • double layers of thick curtains and drapes
  • a cushy couch or other plush or cushy heavy piece of furniture

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