How does this space sound?

Images from which has other amazing photos of the space!

Check out this gorgeous space (click here to see the full visual glory of it all, dreamy!)  But, let’s think a little deeper and imagine with our aural sense as hedonistically and perfectionistically as our over-indulged visual one.  Because of the extensive glass windows, open floor plan and the small size of interior space, it might very well be susceptible to unwanted exterior noise intrusion.  Different people sharing the space can easily disturb one another with their disparate activity sound in close proximity without any walls to act as sound dividers.  Reflective, sleek-looking surface materials might reflect or resonate sounds in ways that can blur speech intelligibility, causing people to have to crank up the radio or the TV to hear conversations or reports clearly.  Generally these buildings are situated in the serene middle of nowhere.  But let’s say they are in an urban area.  Then they might be very noisy.


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