Acoustics critique on “Small Remodel, Big Ideas: Tiny Townhouse into Cool Condo”

Brilliant small space design reported at Image from same.

See photos and design description on this completed project here: Small Remodel, Big Ideas: Tiny Townhouse into Cool Condo to follow my acoustics review below.

This is an absolute visual gem.  The designer Ong & Ong separated the service spaces from the main living spaces with a gorgeous water walkway.*   This helps to separate the possibly more noisy parts of the house (kitchen!) from the quieter parts of the house (living room, bedroom, etc.).  So that’s a plus.  But then it has no roof.  If it is situated within a tight urban area, see exterior photo below, then it is less likely located in a serene area.  I’m not saying it can’t be in a quiet area just because it’s in the city.  But, if it’s not in a quiet area, then not having a roof over this water-walkway area means that noise from the streets can invade the entire home from here.

Photo from dornob article

Also, I’m not sure how much photography is distorting the space, but the author claims that this is a “tiny” space.  If it’s a tiny space (which it does NOT look like from the photographs), there will be acoustical problems.  For example, that gorgeous bathtub might create so much sound when you’re filling it up that it will disrupt an important phone meeting or conversation in a nearby living space in this open concept plan.

*Service spaces include the kitchen, which may be a hearth and congregation area, but that’s another subject altogether.


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