Simple sound tips for your home piano studio – part 1

Want your piano to sound the best it possibly could?  sid you know the room you place it in makes a big difference?

Even the best pianists can’t perform well if a room’s sound environment doesn’t compliment the instrument.  We often miss the importance of the room as the “other instrument” that helps bring out the best quality in an instrument’s sound.

Let’s say your room is too small for the piano.  Let’s say it’s too bare and doesn’t reflect sound nicely.  Let’s say there’s loud traffic and construction noise coming through some windows or doors all the time.  Let’s say it’s next to the nursery and might wake the baby, or might be subject to baby’s crying.  All of these will interfere with or degrade the quality of your piano practice and performance.

Some quick things to do without hiring an expensive acoustician:

  1. Don’t put a big piano in a small room
  2. Don’t put a big piano in a small and bare room that has lots of hard surfaces like concrete, basic painted drywall or tiles
  3. If you have a piano in one of the above rooms, go to: Part 2

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