How to soundproof a room: first questions

How to soundproof a room?

First, you have to analyze the situation so we can determine the most effective and economic way to achieve your soundproofing goal for your room.

Here are the first questions to ask before starting your project:

  1. What type of sounds are you trying to block? High pitched sound, heavy bass sounds, traffic noise, foot fall or conversation noises?  Or is this for music?
  2. How big is the room? Different kinds (frequencies) of sound act differently inside small spaces versus big spaces.
  3. Is there more than one door?  Is the current door a glass door, or does it have a gap underneath it or around it?
  4. Are there any windows?  What kind of window?  Single pane, double pane glass?  Sliding, operable, or fixed/inoperable?

Once you have the basic information for your project, we can then move onto the next step: doing sound transmission tests for your room.


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