Real estate value and the sound environment

In Vancouver, where housing prices are high and new living spaces are getting smaller and smaller, what can you do to improve the space efficiency of your home by improving your acoustics?   Yes!  You can improve the quality of your living space, as well as the effectiveness of your floor areas, by improving your home acoustics.  That is, if you can successfully eliminate unwanted sound from the outside, and properly divide or create privacy for the activity sounds inside your home, your living spaces will become much more pleasant and more effective.  Thus increasing the effective value of your home.

For example.  In a small Vancouver apartment, or in a laneway house let’s say, the living room is right next to the study.  Let’s say one person is taking a nap, reading, or studying for an exam in the study, while the other people are playing video games in the living room.  The noise from the living room passes through to the study even though the door is closed in between these two rooms, because of how small the apartment or the laneway house it.  Also, perhaps the door is a glass door, with wide gap underneath it and is not effectively creating sound privacy for the person using the study.

For example this picture below shows a common architecture feature that in fact is unpleasant to use when any sound comes into play.


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